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New Radon System

New System Installation

New Radon system installations are generally fast and painless.  Most system installs take less than 6 hours and are covered by a Full 5 year owner transferable warranty.  Once a system is installed, it can be retested after 24 hours.  

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Existing Passive Pipe

Already have an existing passive radon pipe?

Call now for a great price to activate your existing pipe!

Activation of system usually only takes an hour or so.  Keep in mind that the existing passive pipe generally does not do anything to eliminate radon.  Its basically put there to lesson the cost of mitigation in the future.  If your house was built from 2013-present, it should by code, have a passive radon pipe in place.

radon fan

Having problems with your existing system?  Radon fan making noise or not running at all?  Give us a call and we will do our best to remedy the problem.  We are also happy to help you solve simple issues over the phone to possibly help you save money on service calls.

Call Us: 815-693-1526​​
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